Our boarding house BONSAI has 5 apartments. They are decorated in authentic Japanese style:

1. Earth. This is a ground floor apartment near the canteen. It is best suited for elderly couples and for families with small children. The apartment has a shower, a toilet, a TV, a wardrobe, and a bed (with double bed or twin beds’ options).

2. Tree. The apartment is on the first floor, and is meant for two people with an optional third bed. It has a little living room with armchairs, coffee table and a TV. There is a bathroom and a toilet. Nearby there is a door to the smokers’ balcony.

3. Water. This is a second floor apartment having two large well-lit rooms. There is a separate toilet and bathroom. A big living room has a sofa, a couch, armchairs, and a TV. The bedroom has a king-size bed (that could be converted into two twin beds) and a wardrobe. If needed, the apartment can accommodate three more people.

4. Fire. The apartment is on the second floor. It has a bedroom and a cosy living room overlooking the garden. There are armchairs a sofa, a TV and a desk in the living room. The bedroom opens onto a balcony. It has a double bed that can be turned into twin beds. There is a bathroom and a toilet.

5. Metal. This is a two-storey apartment located on the third floor. The apartment has a TV,
contains one bathroom with a shower and can accommodate 4 people and contains 4 single beds However,
additional beds are available upon request. This apartment is suitable for families with children older then 5 years or for a group of friends.

Each apartment has a theme related to one of the five elements recognized in the East (in Japan).

WATER contains maximum of the YIN energy. It symbolises wealth and prosperity, but one should activate this element with care, taking into account is harmonious correlation with other elements.

TREE is a symbol of growth, development, strength, expansion and forward movement. The energy of the TREE does not merely bring luck – it passes it on to the offspring, particularly to the sons in the family.

EARTH. This element provides a background for the harmonious existence of all other elements. It is associated with a happy family and the mother-hostess.

FIRE. The top YANG element that doesn’t exist by itself. One cannot store FIRE, it can only be created. FIRE symbolises glory and recognition; it gives man success in society by igniting his leadership qualities, and contributes to the achievements of those who can skilfully use it. Yet, FIRE needs to be controlled. Its excess can be extremely dangerous.

METAL. The energy of the heaven and the power of Father-master. It brings happiness to those who are useful for society. In the East they are called “heavenly people”. One who correctly activates this element can become an influential, respected and useful man.




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